Product information

  • Can I choose the base color on boards with flipflop bases?

    No, boards with a flip flop base have two or more base color variations. Orders will be filled with either color. We use this process to reduce waste..
  • Can I get a custom size?

    Nope. Sorry, the moulds that are used to press flat snowboards are really, really expensive – and our 3BT moulds are even more expensive.
  • Does 3BT really work?

    Yes absolutely. We think it makes snowboarding better. You can read more about it here.
  • Do I need special wax for a 3BT base?

    Nope, you can use any snowboard or ski wax you like. You can help look out for the environment by using 'eco-friendly' options 
  • Factory edge angle and wax

    When our boards leave the factory the edge has a 90 degree angle. You can always tune the edge to your own preference or the conditions. A layer of factory wax is applied to the base, but did you know it is advisable to wax and scrape a new board 3 times before riding it? This will greatly improv...
  • Should I get a wide model?

    That depends on your boot length and the board width. Generally you don't want your toe or heel overhanging the edge more than about 25 – 30mm. If you have a US11 (EU 44) or larger boot then you'll need to check this by trying your boot on a board. With this boot size you may need to look for a b...